A Text-Book of Practical Organic Chemistry Third Edition

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Edition Third Edition
Call Number 546/Vog/a-1
Author(s) Vogel, A.I
Subject(s) Practical Organic Chemistry
Classification 546
Series Title
GMD Text
Language English
Publisher Longmans
Publishing Year 1958
Publishing Place London
Abstract/Notes Chapter I Theory of General Technique...1

Chapter II Experimental Technique...46

Chapter III Preparation and Reactions of Aliphatic Compounds

Chapter IV Preparation and Reactions of Aromatic Compounds...508

Chapter V Some Heterocyclic and Alicyclic Compounds...829

Chapter VI Miscellaneous Reactions...861

Chapter VII Organic Reagents In Inorganic and Organic Chemictry...953

Chapter VIII Dyestuffs, Indicators and Related Compounds...979

Chapter IX Some Physiologigally Active Compounds...996

Chapter X Synthetic Polymers...1014

Chapter XI Qualitative Organic Analysis...1026

Chapter XII Semimicro Technique...1101

Appendix Literature of Organic Chemistry...1115
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